with Gene Kansas

A conversation with Gene Kansas, an Atlanta based cultural developer, New Orleans lover and creator of the co-working community Constellations in Sweet Auburn.

In his words--
1. I’m born in New Orleans, and going back to the beginning is important for a number of reasons... One, New Orleans is a key ingredient to my entire being. It has influenced me and inspired me and informed me on things that I like, love, don’t like, have seen, want to try to re-imagine... specifically around culture, and history.... and fried shrimp.

2. For someone that’s as well put together, and beautiful and stylish and all the things that she is... she treats a tube of toothpaste like a truck driver would.

3. I have learned a lesson that they wanted to impart, which is, that you need to put yourself in the position, even though it might be difficult or scary, to lead your own life and to help inform or show other people a way that may be beneficial... to a group or a movement or a generation that goes well beyond your own benefit.